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Our Magical Stay


Hi, I'm Andrea! The owner and operator of Sophie Lake Retreat, along with my husband Mike. It has always been a dream of mine to find a way to unite my various skills, hats I've worn over the years, and personality into one creation. Sophie Lake Retreat gave me the opportunity (and adventure) to dream up a special space I could welcome family, friends, and travelers alike to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect with nature.


Should you desire, I am happy to work with you to create a unique and specialized stay just for you. Whether it's a simple getaway or a special occasion, we offer a variety of services and amenities that ensure your stay with us is as comfortable as home — but as unique and relaxing as a special retreat.

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Prior to our purchase in 2021, the property had magic to be sure but lacked the dedication needed to bring it to life. Once a neglected, ho-hum family cabin without much vision, it took a village to elevate it to the retreat it is today. Gena (the designer, pictured to the left) and I worked tirelessly for several months along with many others who came along the way to support and bring the property to life. Every detail, from the paint colors to the linens, furnishings, and chef-inspired kitchen, was thoughtfully curated and chosen with your comfort, convenience, and relaxation in mind. You will even see one-of-a-kind art on the walls that was handmade specifically for Sophie Lake Retreat. We cannot wait for you to soak up the love that was poured into this space!


Come, Stay Awhile

Guests of the retreat can truly make themselves at home. We hope you take time in Eureka to step away from the world and enjoy the physical and mental remoteness of our mountain town. View retreat accommodations and amenities below!

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