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"Spending time on this beautiful piece of magical earth has been the most peace I have ever felting my entire life… Andrea our host wrapped us all up with a warm blanket of love and delicious food. Her skills in the kitchen will leave you beyond satisfied. I highly recommend adding meals to your stay and never once think about what’s for dinner. The house is amazing and cozy with all the amenities you could wish for. But the best thing of all is the peace you instantly are handed once you step onto Sophie Lake. This retreat is a must see! You will not be disappointed at all!"

— TANIA F. (2021)

"Andrea warmly welcomes her guests and makes sure they are well taken care of. The place is stocked with everything you need to relax and unwind… It was wonderful to arrive with a stocked fridge (as requested) after our long drive. I definitely recommend that or even adding meals she can prepare for you, your family and friends. The cottage was spotless, cozy and comfortable. Sophie Lake is beautiful and peaceful - a great getaway especially if you are coming from the hustle and bustle of the city. When we weren't exploring a bit of Montana, we enjoyed lounging out on the patio, listening to the birds, the moo-ing of the cows at the lake (a must see!) and the little brook helped lull us to sleep. Kayak or paddle over across the lake to spot some wild animals at the state park and maybe see some turtles swimming by! The serenity of Sophie Lake Retreat and Andrea's hospitality is unforgettable. We cannot wait to come back and enjoy it again!

— LILLA B. (2021)

"I’m not sure there are adequate words to convey how truly at peace I was when I was [at Sophie Lake Retreat]. Andrea has impressively turned her little piece of paradise into my favorite new destination. From the moment you pull into the long driveway, past the farm-to-table garden and barn, you feel lighter. The accommodations themselves are well appointed and cozy... [and] Andrea personalizes every guests experience from the moment you book. I’m already planning my next stay and can’t wait [to]... sleep in the most comfortable bed ever. If you need a relaxing, first class getaway, this is your place. And for those they can’t manage to disconnect, there is excellent wifi, even in paradise. Thank you, Andrea, for the best and most relaxing experience I’ve ever had. You have done an amazing job of making it an experience and not just a vacation. I can’t wait to come back!"

— SANDY W. (2021)

“I am not one to post about vacations, but this one is special. We had the most relaxing vacation we have ever taken. Right from when I first inquired, Andrea started personalizing [our retreat] for us. When we booked, we told her we were looking for some downtime, but also inquired about things to do nearby, and she shared a handsome list from Glacier National Park to the hidden gems known mostly to locals. But guess what? During our six day stay, we did not leave the property once! [The property] at Sophie Lake Retreat is just so perfect, relaxing, and complete in and of itself. We could hear silence [and] only nature. It was such a treat. From kayaking on Sophie Lake, to reading a book in the hammock, to sleeping in the luxurious cottage, to playing basketball, to enjoying a fire [and the stars] on a cozy night… There is just SO much to write… Andrea was incredibly thoughtful with every detail, and she far exceeded my expectations we had for this vacation. And, in case you are wondering whether work remotely, you totally can… [with the] high-quality internet coverage. Don’t think or wait, just go to Montana, to Sophie Lake Retreat, to Andrea Schmidt."

— UZMA H. (2021)

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